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Guests That Have Visited Us

Lovely, Lovely, lovely!!!!!

- - - joan Gallagher, Seattle, WA

Nan Darbous, Seattle, WA

I am very blessed to be a Provident Associate Audrey Jernigan

- - - Audrey Jernigan P.A., Seattle, WA.

Keep me informed about the date of Sept. 23, 2006 and theuse of the Pro-Cathedral in Vancouver. Fr. Dominic Hahn Pastor

- - - Fr. Dominic Hahn, Vancouver, wa

godhas certainly blessedthe pioneer efforts of our dear Mother Joseph. Celebrating " God's Favor" with you, in prayer each day.

- - - Carmen Proulx,sp, Winooski, Vermont

I have been the choir director at St James Pro-Cathedral in Vancouver for ten years and would appreciate any information you can provide regarding the music in this beautiful church. Thank you! Patrick Hensler

- - - Patrick Hensler, Vancouver, WA

A beautiful page and an excellent celebration of this history! I would appreciate any information about the photos. Our hospital is planning to build a historical board on the Sisters of Providence to continue our heritage as a current PS facility. Our first board celebrated our Dominican 'roots', we now want to honor our Providence 'wings'. Thank you!

- - - Dianna Michaels, Colville, WA

Your 150th celebration looks amazing! Kudos to all who have worked extra hard on it.

- - - Kari Lashley, Fort Lewis, Washington

I'm looking for some information on a Sr. Magdolna Heczke who was instrumental in starting the st. Elizabeth convalscent hospital in toluca lake.

- - - karen souza, long beach, ca

Thank you for the website. Currently as a chaplain here I am researching materials for exhibit over this year, the 150 Anniversery of the Sisters of Providence. I'm looking for photographs, letters, artifacts that might link us to the founding Sisters. There are photos on this website, but no captions. Perhaps you can assist &/or shed light on my path. Many thanks- david

- - - david verwolf, Chewelah, WA

Mother Joseph\'s life is a constant reminder to me of what God can do with a person that commits fully to Him.

- - - Peter J Chandler, Vancouver, WA

I loved looking at the "old" nuns who taught me, it was awesome!

- - - Clarice Osborne, Roseburg, OR

My sister, Clarice, told me about this web page and that she found a picture of a teacher she had. I enjoyed looking at the photo gallery especially. I wish the pictures had names of the Sisters, places, and times. Thank you so much. Gratefully, Shirley Nye

- - - Shirley Nye, Vancouver, WA

Connie Huber, Olympia, Wa

I was a student of Sr. Andrea, 7th grade, St. Joseph School, Vancouver Washington (about 1961). I remember so much about her. She had at least one brother whose name was ? My memory is hazy here, something like Blaze or Forrest? She got sunburned so badly one summer that when a friend slapped her on the back, the mark remained for years. She had a blue bathing suit (we were all amazed that nuns swam). Her dad did not want her to become of Sister of Providence (he had an old grudge). Her brother said her initials FCSP meant First Class Sister of Providence. She had a scratchy throat and would eat those brown throat lozinges like crazy. She was very, very, very tall. She wanted to be named Sr. David, but her superiors liked Sr. Andrea better. Let me know if I got any of these correct please. I love you!

- - - Clarice Osborne, Roseburg, OR

Your website is awesome as is your story....

- - - (Sr) Barbara Wentworth (DHM), Buffalo, NY

Blessings on the work of the Sisters of Providence; I am honored to be a part of the Providence story.

- - - Cathy Johnston, Centralia, Washington

Loved the pictures. So many happy memories.

- - - Patricia Marinier, Yacolt, WA

Chuck Emerick, Centralia, WA

I am trying to reach Donna Marie McGargill OSM. I think she was my 6th grade teacher in th grade. I think of her whenever our choir sings Servant Song. If you can pass on my contact info to her or give me her info that would be great! Thanks, Maureen (Mahr) Aiken

- - - Maureen Aiken, Lenexa, KS

Thank you for a wonderful website. "Visiting" with the Sisters through the site took me back to my child hood when the Sisters taught at my home parish of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary in Sun Valley, CA. I feel privileged to be able to say that the Sisters of Providence have been a part of my own "history". Thank you to all the sisters for their ministry. Fr. Michael (Rey) Pangan, OCD

- - - Fr. Michael (Rey) Stephen Pangan, OCD, Cincinnati, OH

I am a 1955 graduate of Providence Academy (Donna Hasbrook). If there are celebration activities planned for the Vancouver area, I would like to know the dates so that I can mark my calendar. I have many fond memories of the Sisters and of Providence Academy.

- - - Donna Bevens, Vancouver, WA

It was wonderful to read about your history. Thank you for your compassionate action in the world.

- - - Youpa Stein, Missoula, MT

have a great sunday.

- - - michael k belcher, snohomish, wa

Beautiful and inspirational story La Verna Mc Miller LCMHSACCPHS Torrance, CA

- - - La Verna Mc Miller, Torrance, California

I feel privileged to have attended Providence Academy and now to work at Providence St. Vincent\\\'s Hospital to continue the work which the Sister\\\'s of Providence started 150 yrs ago. :)

- - - Elyce M. Menlow-Benham, Portland, Oregon

It was a pleasure to work with and for the Sisters in West Seattle. Since my retirement I often wonder how everyone is doing. Happy 150th !

- - - Jean Brandsrud, Federal Way, Washington

Great site and I really enjoyed looking at all the pictures in the "gallery" ! What a surprise to see the third grade classroom at St. Michael's in Olympia (gallery 22)

- - - carrie reeve, lynnwood, wa

Brings back so many memories.......How, if possible, would I find out about the wonderful nuns who taught at Holy Family in West Seattle?

- - - Mary McGrath - Bonney, Bothell, Washington

Sadly, cannot attend reunion for former sisters. Joined the noviciate in 1962-1963.If anyone would like to contact me,please do so. Have many happy memories. Anita Zimmer (DeLeo)

- - - Anita Zimmer (DeLeo), Bellevue, WA

Interesting site, my father born in 1883 was placed for adoption with the Sisters, do you know who might have the adoption records, he was born Louis Moody adopted name was Robert B. Jones adopted by Griffin and Julia Jones. Will have your site listed with the Clark County Genealogical Society

- - - Glen Jones, Portland, Oregon

Thank you for the wonderful Jubilee and reunion in April. I am truly blessed to be a member of the Providence family!

- - - Lillian Adams Rouzan, Inglewood, California

Thank you Sisters of Providence for letting me experience your healing ministry! Having served with the Sisters of Mercy, and Sisters of the Holy Cross Health Systems I'am a better person for the history of compassion and dedicated service to Gods people in need that I have gained from your works as well as the other Good Sisters. Please keep up the good work, and may it touch the hearts of those called to Providence Health Systems, to be your modern day expression into the future.

- - - Patrick Michael Ahaus, Kenmore, WA

It is always a blessing to see how strong the influence of the Sisters of Providence has been on the development of Catholic history in Montana.

- - - PArker Sullivan, Great Falls, MT



To my dear "sisters"--Last week I "pilgrimaged" for about an hour in the balcony of Providence Academy, Vancouver, with a tape measure and a handbell! Our bell choir, Shared Joy BRingers, from Gresham, Oregon is ringing there for a wedding next week. As my husband and I figured out how to utilize that wonderful space, I kept thinking of Mother Joseph, her courage and her skill. I have always had an affection for the Providence Sisters since it was YOU who welcomed the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary at the dock in Portland on Oct. 22, 1859! As some of you probably know, I was an SNJM til I experienced God's call to serve in a different way and marry 13 years ago. I always felt you were kind of our "cousins" since the same Archbishop helped found us in the Montreal area 'way back then. So blessings on you and your wonderful work, not the least of which is the care you gave my husband Robert in the hospital for a month last December. I'm so glad you're here. --Christine

- - - Christine Weber-Kearney, Portland, OR

To all the Providence Sisters who have taught me so much especially in the last couple of years, especially to Sister Rosalie Locati who has been my friend for 30 years, to Sister Mary Wilson who helped me hear things that I didnt want to hear and to Sister Maggie Pastro who introduced me to this neat group of women when were students at Seattle University. God Bless you and I love you very much

- - - Laurie McCormick, Everett,, Washington

My sister Alice and I were delighted to receive the invitation to the 150th anniversary celebration at St. James and at the Academy in Vancouver on September 23. We have such good memories of our combined 24 years there. I\'m hoping to attend the festivities.

- - - Ann Tobin Carroll, Ross, Ca

I am a recent Affiliate of the Sisters. My association with them goes back 53 years. My parents died in their nursing homes. I have been chaplain in their hospitals and in St. Joseph Academy, Yakima. So I feel a strong affinity to them.

- - - Fr. Neill Meany, S.J., Yakima, Washington

Congratulations to your 150th anniversary. Kudos to the lay-out artists. May God contiuously bless your efforts to help the poor so that you may expand horizons of helping the needy, the deprived, and the lost.

- - - Lorie Puntero, Manila, Philippines

What a great site!! I love all the pictures and the information is wonderful.

- - - Jessica Taylor, Seattle, Wa

I feel blessed to be apart of this ministry. And blessed that Sister Lucille Tremblay, my cousine, has guided the way to God's love.

- - - Marlene Marie Tremblay, Portland, Oregon

Paige Morrison, Renton, Wa

You have absolutely one of the most inspirational web sites I have ever been too!! Thank you so much for all the special work that you do.

- - - Laura Nielsen, Wasilla, Alaska

I am sorry that I will not be able to attend the celebration/reception on 9/23/06 but will be there for the closing ceremony on 12/108/06. I reside in Canada for part of the year and in Vancouver, Washington from November-May. I thoroughly enjoyed this web site. Thank You!

- - - mary lackaff (nee) walker, Vancouver, Washington

As I drive down the 1-5 freeway I I reflect on what it must of been like in the old days of the Pacific Northwest when Mother Joseph and the Sisters who traveled with her came to establish Hospitals and Schools, with no modern transportation, women who had the Trust in God\'s Providence to lead them where they needed to be, I am humbled! May the people of today\\\\\\\'s Modern World pick up the torch of Providence and easily be that face of Providence to those they are called to serve in our Modern times. Thank you Sisters of Providence for reminding us of what we are all called to be in the world.

- - - Patrick Ruiz, Seattle, WA

This is so eye opening and makes me very proud to work with and for Providence.

- - - Nancy Seebert, Portland, Oregon

Creative web site. Thanks!

- - - Josephine Pelster, Seaside, OR

I graduated from PAV, in 1961, and still have dreams of walking those high-polished hallways.

- - - Sharon Bernash Smith, vancouver, WA

Thank you for an experience that brought back so many memories. My teachers were Sisters of Providence at Corpus Christie School in Oklahoma City. Is there another group of Sisters of Providence? Ngina

- - - Ruth Lythcott, NYC, NY

I am very interested in finding more history In regards to my great, great aunt Mother Joseph. Thanks

- - - Kathy Miller, Medical Lake, Washngton

Have entered the computer age and want to stay in touch with our life-long friend, Sr. Kitsy Rutan. The Rutan kids grew up in the same neighborhood as Vern, we went to school and graduated with Kitsy. Of course, we have lots of childhood stories. Seeing Kitsy and all the other nuns who have contributed so much in Great Falls over many years and the grand celebration Aug. 5 was a highlight of our summer. God Bless you. Sincerely, The Waldenberg's

- - - Vern & Joanne Waldenberg, Spokane, WA

So wonderful to be able to hear the stories of the history of the Sisters of Providence. May your "Goodworks" live on forever! Karel Atkinson PA

- - - Karel Atkinson, Anchorage,, Alaska

As a relatively new Providence employee, I can rest easy in the highest branches of the tree, having ever-growing confidence in its roots. Thank you for this site.

- - - Misti Birkmann, Seattle, WA

Sister Kay and Sisters, Both my sisters went through nursing school at Columbus in the 50's. We grew up in Havre. I entered the Franciscan Sisters who taught me. I spent 6 months in Gt.Falls in Sept.2000 til April 2001 for my sabbatical time. I went to Mass at the College most of the time I was there. The Liturgies were wonderful. That is where I met you S.Kay and some of the Sisters when you moved into your new house then. I want to congratulate your Congregation for the many years of dedicated service to the people in Montana and else where.You have brought life to many through the years. May you continue to realize the miracles of Divine Providence. Congratulations again and God bless each one of you. Sister Meg Keeler O>S>F>

- - - Margaret Keeler OSF, Redwood City, CA

Very Nice. I grew up in Columbia Falls, Mt. and lived for 30 years in Seattle. We now live in Las Vegas. I had several operations at Providence in Seattle. Wonderful people.

- - - Clinton Hoerner, North Las Vegas, Nevada

Hi, The photo gallery brought tears to my eyes. There were several pictures of my beloved aunt Sister Charlotte Marie, who also used to be Mother Charlotte Marie. In a couple of the pictures she wasn't identified. Do you want to know which ones I found? Also, and I really am crying now, because in one of the pictures taken in 1938 at St Thomas Home in Great Falls, Montana was my mother and I'm sure her sisters, one of which was Sister Charlotte. They were orphans at St Thomas Home, my mom was an orphan from 6 years old until she graduated. The same went for Sister Charlotte Marie. Both Sister Charlotte and my mother, Nell Franetich have passed away in the 80's in Spokane, WA. My mother was a patient at Mt St Joseph until she died and Sister Charlotte used to feed her every day and bathe her. Sister Charlotte was then working in Pastoral Care at Sacred Hospital. Thank you for all the loving photos and care you gave to our family while mom was in the nursing home, for almost ten years. I will always treasure this website. Love, Judy "McDonnell" Whitmire, daughter and niece P. S. I am working for Turner Construction, who is the contractor who is re-doing Providence Medical Center in Portland, OR and because of a display in the hallway a month or so ago, I found my family once again. But for the grace of GOD!

- - - Judy Whitmire, Beaverton, OR

Absolutely wonderful visiting this website! My mother was a grad of PAV as were my brothers and I. I think I was probably Sister Marisita's biggest troublemaker. Thank you for this site, I'll return often.

- - - Paul Clow, Vancouver, WA

I had such an awesome time at Providence Academy's 150th anniversary. My 2 sisters and I even made the paper-- The Columbian. I am most grateful for seeing Sr. Alexis (Home room, Senior 1965-- Academy) and Sr. Francesca (5th grade-- St. Joseph, Vancouver) You are wonderful! Love! Clarice Osborne, SFO

- - - Clarice Osborne, Roseburg, OR

I knew Sister Annette Seubert when she was a young girl going to school with me at St Joseph Academy in Sprague, Washington. Please tell her hi and I'm very proud of all of her accomplishments.

- - - Tom Balfe, Ritzville, Washington

Nella Anderson, Spokane, WA

Truly a Spirtual experience visiting your website.,as was the website of your Sisters in Kingston,Ont. God truly Blesses us,with the many Beacons of LOVE,that are within the Religious.lay communities of the Christian Church. We are all Called \"to Be One\",let us Pray that is to Be a reality. Wish you had a PRAYER Request page. Maybe next visit. GOD Bless dear Sisters.PEACE

- - - Clifford Goff, Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey

What a wonderful web site. I especially enjoyed the history timeline and the photo gallery. So many familiar sites at Providence Academy Vancouver - a trip down memory lane.

- - - Celine (Krupicka) Petersen, Kennewick, WA

Love this site and must tell my classmates from 1955

- - - Harriet Samuelson/Wellenstein, Dickinson, North Dakota

Back in 1983 Sister Betsy Michael helped me so much with my infant son who was having surgery for a birth defect. She was the manager of Providence Family Practice in Seattle and I worked for the the residency program...anyway her prayers and support during that difficult time have stayed with me for over twenty years. My son is 24 this month and is a wonderful man and fully recovered. I moved away and never spoke with her again--I would love to send her this message and sincere thank you and thought you all should know what a lasting impact her caring gave me and my family.

- - - Lynn Smiley, Fresno, Ca

I have been so touched, so blessed by getting to know Sr. Joan Gallagher via the Single Mom's Spirituality Group at Our Lady of Guadalupe these past three years. And I have felt again the pull, the question - what about me? over these past two years especially in terms of where to best use my talents for the next 20-25 years now that my children have graduated from HS. In grade school I considered becoming a nun, and then the whirl wind of change after Vatican II blew through my grade school and Church Community. But the revalation of a relationship between a pretty, vivacious young nun and the young Asst Priest, and their subsequent relinquishment of vows was shocking! All the buzz! All the rumor! Such a time of change and confusion in the U.S., in the Church. But throughout my life, which has been one of trouble and trial one after the other, the constancy of my parish - new in each city, has been a steadfast link. Now as my youngest child stands on the cusp of moving out on her own, and as I seek to return to my professional career after a 3-year hiatus, the question keeps coming back: what about a career with the Sisters of Providence?

- - - Ann Hoesley, Seattle, WA

Hi, I've enjoyed visiting the site. What a wonderful, rich, history. Thanks... Ted

- - - Ted Blade, Vancouver, WA

I am very interested in Mother Joseph's works in the Pacific Northwest! Also Father Blanchet, And Fr. De Smet...

- - - Duncan Feller, Seattle, Washington

i would like to know the history of the old Culombus hospital in Great Falls Montana. i use to live there, and i want to know everything about the place. please help.

- - - crystal Van Spyk, Great falls, Montana

Mother Joseph was truly an amazing nun.

- - - Joseph Ruhl, Cocolalla, Idaho

I was bapitzed at St. James and started school (first grade) at Providence Academy in 1946. We lived in Portland at that time. I attended the academy for two years and then we moved to southern Oregon. I remember walking in single file to daily Mass with all the other children and the wonderful care the sisters gave us. How wonderful to find this web site. I have a couple of pictures in my uniform and my First Communion. Thank you.

- - - Sharon (McGuire) Peterson, Crosby, ND

My prayers are with each of you in your work and dedication. I am seeking my own personal path and enjoyed visiting your web page.

- - - Marie McKenzie, San Diego, California

I am a BVM in the field of Nursing. I entered in 1960 after graduating from Sacred Heart Academy in Missoula, Montana. Congratulations on 150 plus years! This year,2008, we celebrate 175 years.

- - - patricia nooney, skokie, il



Ihave been very blessed with the Prayer of Discernment. I prayed the prayer and wrote it down because it is my heart desire. I am on a new journey searching for God's devine place for me, job, fulltime ministry. I just resigned from my counseling job on June 6,2008 ect.. Mental Health Disorder. I have a LPC exam coming up on 9-2008. I have taken the test 5 or 6 times and not past it i experience test anxiety but I am wondering if I am in God's plan. He got be through college and all it challenges. I started in 1999 and have been effective with my consumers and been told that I am a very good therapist but i have not past the exam. One of my fried and co-worker stated vickie maybe this is not what God has for you. My passion is working with the dying I was a chaplin and I really enjoyed the work and the opportunity to pray with others. I have peace since i quit the job but I still need to pay my bills but in my heart i want to get out into the community and help others. Visit the nursing home I love working with the elderly population. God has give me many gifts so you see why that discernment prayer was and still important to me. I just wonder up on your website and wasn't sure if i wanted to give you my e-mai address so I prayed and the Lord said yes. l have be encouraged today my heart is full. Thank you! P S keep me in your prayers to our Heavenly Father. Oh another passion is Women Ministry. I am so blessed and I glad the Lord lead me to your website.May the lord richly bless you and all that you do to help the needy. Vickie Parker Norman, Oklahoma

- - - Rev. Vickie Parker, Norman, Oklahoma

Sisters Greetings from Kampala Uganda and thanks for the good work you are doing to Spread the good news both spritually and Materials. Its very interesting to learn about your Calender of Events and I Would have wished to participate but its far. Iam also a member of the Catholic Chrismatic Renewal here in Uganda. Iam still a young man 26 years therefore going throgh many youth life challenges. So please pray for me if possible send a novena. This will help e to keep my faith in God and to have a holy marriage in future. Peace be with you all. JOHN

- - - Ssenyonga John Baptist, Kampala, Uganda

I really would like to learn more about your old academy.

- - - kevaney st.james, woodiville, washington

We purchased a piece of property that was a part of the St Joseph Academy in Sprague.

- - - Vicki Glock, Sprague, WA

I'm so thankful to our Lord for the Sisters and Mother Joseph who founded Sacred Heart Hospital in Spokane, WA.

- - - Nancy Morse, W. Richland, WA

My name is Tom Stergios and I am President of the Board at the Loyola Sacred Heart Foundation in Missoula Montana. Our Foundation supports St. Joseph Elementary and Loyola Sacred Heart High School - the legacy of the magnificent work done by your predecessors. In my years on the board I have learned of the amazing accomplishments of the Sisters of Providence and they continue to inspire me and the other leaders of our school system. It is a difficult time to attempt to fund a Catholic School system, but whenever I think the task is too large I think of the commitment and sacrifice of those who started our schools and I am inspired to continue the efforts started so many years ago. At Missoula Catholic Schools, we salute the Sisters of Providence and the impact they have had on Western Montana for 136 years!

- - - Tom Stergios, Missoula, Mt

I attended Our Lady of Lourdes grade school and Providence Academy until 1967. I have lots of memories of both schools. I didn't appreciate the beauty of it until later on in life.

- - - Karen Phillips, Crooked River Ranch, OR

my motherinlaw, mary margaret neff, daughter of elmer,anna neff was always glad for her rn thru the sisters of providence--she graduated about 1930 having been born 1908 in bear creek......thank you.....

- - - bea gunther, Columbia, Maryland

I was a student and resident at the academy for 1 12/ years 1948-1949. Unfortunaely I was so young I don't remember the chapel but I remember our dormatory, the grounds and the activities we had. I was a kindergartner and learned to tie my shoes in one of the window seats in the upstairs playroom. The sisters were kind but stern and tried to be good "mothers."

- - - Kathie Reinhardt-Christensen, Hemet, California

I attended Providence Academy in Vancouver, WA from 1949-1953. The sisters were such an example to me that I still recall many conversations that guide me today. I had an excellent education and thanks to Sr Cecilia learned to sing well enough that I have always sung in choir and as cantor. I cherish my experience with Sisters of Providence in Vancouver.

- - - Patricia Holsomback, Cypress, CA