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"I prayed that you may always love the poor, and that peace and unity may always be with you."
-- Blessed Emilie Gamelin on September 10, 1851

A Future Full of Hope

Together, we keep the Providence mission alive.

Who do caregivers turn to when resources are stretched thin and still there are women and children depending on them for help?

We count on your support of our ministries for women and children in need and are grateful for your partnership in giving them help and hope. We humbly ask for your continued support. No one has to tell you the gravity of the economic situation today. It is the subject of constant newspaper headlines, television interviews and dinner table conversations. Everyone is impacted, but no one as much as a woman struggling to find a way to move beyond poverty, drug or alcohol addiction, domestic violence or mental health issues. No one is as impacted, perhaps, except her children. Your generous contributions are needed so that Providence Hospitality House and Sojourner Place, our sponsored ministries in Seattle, can continue offering a lifeline to these women and children, as they have for more than 20 years.

Providence Hospitality House is not merely a shelter, a safe house or a safety net. It is a refuge for transformation that recognizes the strength that is inherent in these women when they are given a chance. Each year, more than 35 women and 90 children call PHH home, a safe environment to take shelter, gather themselves, encounter grace and start anew. Families eat, work and play together while learning more about each other and themselves. Here they find advocacy, education and referral services that help them build the foundation for their next step: permanent housing.

Patricia, a former guest, perhaps says it best: "My son and I just want to express our forever gratefulness for all the love, kindness, help and great support we have received from everyone here. I have a hard time finding the words to tell each of you of the great work and time you give to this house that fills lives with the much needed help and warmth that gives us hope and faith to hold on and work toward life's goals each and every day."

At Sojourner Place, Christine is one of the 350 women in the last 20 years who have found a new beginning. She came to Sojourner Place after being released from prison on drug-related charges. "As hopeless as I was, they believed in me before I even believed in myself. Sojourner Place really helped save my life."

Women at Sojourner Place are single or pregnant and struggling to transition into stable, independent living. Through life skills classes, onsite counseling and other resources, they battle the demons that have made them homeless. About 90 percent of these women successfully transition into independent living, and perhaps a job or school.

Your support of these shelters helps keep the doors open. Please remember the women and children of Providence Hospitality House and Sojourner Place and bless them with the gift of your continued support.

Donations may be sent in the form of a check or money order payable to the Sisters of Providence:

Sisters of Providence
Mother Joseph Province
Office of Development
1801 Lind Ave SW, #9016
Renton, WA 98057-9016

For further information, please contact the Development Office at (425) 525-3019 or via e-mail to

Thank you.

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