Sister Judy George is assistant librarian for the Sisters of Providence, Mother Joseph Province, and offers spiritual direction and retreat ministry.  She formerly was Vocations Office manager at the Provincial Administration offices in Spokane, Washington. 

Judy GeorgeSister Judy grew up in Missoula, Montana, and has been a teacher for much of her career, which has also included assignments in community service and governance ministry.

Personal interests include handwork (which includes sewing, knitting and crocheting), music (she especially enjoys listening to and learning how to play the guitar), reading, playing cards, and the contemplative life.

What is Providence spirituality?

I think of spirituality as a light of the Holy Spirit within a person or a group. God respects us so much that the spirituality takes shape according to our personality and our gifts. The Spirit comes forth in different ways, in the way we pray or talk.

For me, Providence spirituality is the way God is present in the world, the loving presence of God that sustains us and is lived out according to our community charism.

What are the characteristics of Providence spirituality?

We inherited the virtues of humility, simplicity and charity from our foundress Emilie Gamelin. They are key to our spirituality. I think they?re important in our relationships with other people and we try to practice them all the time.

Another thing that is characteristic is living out the Providence idea of St. Vincent de Paul. He presented the idea that God was a loving compassionate God who provides for all, that God uses us to show Providence to others ? to help them.

How does spirituality carry you through your ministries?

Our spirituality helps us to see what is the role of God in our ministry; we find God to be a compassionate God.

How is the Mother of Sorrows related to Providence spirituality?

We think of Our Mother of Sorrows as our mother of compassion. Mother Gamelin?s devotion to her grew out of her own suffering and sorrow. That, in turn, became compassion for other people.

Do you think people have trouble believing in Providence?

In my experiences with people in spiritual direction, I find that they see how God is really a part of their lives. They see the little miracles that are already there. I usually have people tell their story and they begin to recognize that God and the grace of the spirit are always there.

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