A Message from Reclaiming Earth Committee


heart-soul-humanityIn a recent essay found in the winter issue of Kosmos, author Bruna Kadletz writes about her experience of living and volunteering in Brazil saying: “In a world broken by sharp inequality, wars, and climate change, those living in the landscapes of destitution are stripped of their humanity and dignity daily. We need a new story for people dispossessed by the dominant narrative. We need to humanize the lived experiences of people forced to flee their homelands, of people living in extreme poverty, of people who are excluded in our societies. We need stories that not only celebrate our interconnectedness and care for the soul of humanity, but also acknowledge the voices and contributions of those living in the landscapes of destitution. A humanitarian narrative rooted in oneness and love recognizes the intrinsic value of all life forms. As we widen the humanity circle, we weave together the threads of love, belonging and caring for the soul of humanity.” (https://www.kosmosjournal.org/kj_article/caring-for-the-soul-of-humanity/)

In the same issue of Kosmos, Wendell Berry was interviewed by Allen White. Some of what Mr. Berry said is in the following: “My little neighborhood of Port Royal is dependent on the earth. The earth is dependent on the universe. But in a way, the planet—people love to talk about the planet—is somewhat theoretical. There are millions of places on this planet that I don’t know at all. But I have to be ready, if my love and knowledge of this place has spoken to me, to receive people coming from those other places, and say, ‘Look, these little places need to become a common cause’. That would lead to conversation, the kind of conversation that I long to see take place. It’s imaginable insofar as we can develop the vocabulary, the way of talking, to convey our own particulars to other people” and to understand their particulars.” (https://www.kosmosjournal.org/kj­_article/for-love-of-place-reflections-of-an-agrarian-sage/)

What conversations have you enjoyed lately? Can you see the common thread in these quotes? Do we listen to the stories of others, even those we may not like? Do we know our own story? To paraphrase a quote from Ms. Bruna Kadletz: How are you caring for the soul of humanity?