A Message from Reclaiming Earth Committee – May 15, 2019

When was the last time you listened to what our younger generation has to say about Integral Ecology? There are so many wonderful things happening that we do not hear much about. When was the last time you went to the IPJC website?

This week, I recommend that you go to www.ipjc.org , scroll down to the Just Video contest and then really listen to what you see and hear.

First place winner is Bystander about sexual abuse in high schools. Other videos have to do with sweatshop workers, climate change and damage to the salmon population, and more. While you are at their website, take a look at the other resources available dealing with climate, human rights, human trafficking, immigration and other topics that are a part of Integral Ecology. This outreach is sponsored by 22 different congregations and the justice circles can be found in 22 countries including some in Africa.

Don’t ignore this valuable resource as we all reflect and try to learn more about the world we inhabit. Also, note the folks in this photo…all at an IPJC event.