May 9, 2018


Message From Reclaiming Earth Committee

“How can we hasten our collective awakening and begin reversing the great harms done to our planet and its beings? Such an awakening requires transformation in ourselves, our communities, institutions and systems. This … work … always begins with the Self. It begins when the superficial, material things that mattered before, start to lose their luster and when the habit energies that impelled us in the past no longer serve our evolution.

“When we tune-in to the immeasurable, the sacred gifts in and around us; when we take each step with conscious awareness and lean into every beauty and sorrow we encounter; when we recognize our inter connection with all beings — we are awake— living in reciprocity with all Life.

A collective awakening such as this can save our planet, and ensure a future for our children’s children.”

Kosmos Journal/Collective Energy

“We shall fight against the perpetrators of the “crime” against our common home, in the form of environmental degradation, poor sanitation and corruption, which are all social canker” that lead to increased poverty, hunger and sickness, said Bishop Joseph Kweku Essien of Waiwso (Ghana) … Water bodies, land and other natural resources must be protected for the use of all Ghanaians … The church will seek ways to address corruption, poor sanitation and abuse of the environment “and enhance the capacity of the lay faithful … to support the local authorities in the search for accountability and local development,” the bishop’s conference said in a statement.

Can you see/feel the connection between corruption and our use and abuse of the common good with integral ecology? There are several definitions of corruption. They include: a lack of integrity or honesty; use of a position of trust for dishonest gain; wrongdoing on the part of an authority or powerful party through means that are illegitimate, immoral or incompatible with ethical standards. Definitions are found on the Web.