July 18, 2018


Message From Reclaiming Earth Committee

In his book Reality; Grief; Hope: Three Urgent Prophetic Tasks, Walter Brueggemann wrote: “Not unlike the society of ancient Jerusalem after the destruction and in the midst of displacement, our contemporary U.S. society is at the brink of despair (note: this was written in 2013) … ”there are important indications of despair among us, not least the amorphous anxiety that recognizes in inchoate ways that the old world in which we have felt comfortable, safe, and in control is slipping through our fingers. (Pge113)

“In the midst of near-despair, the prophetic task is to articulate hope, the prospect of fresh historical possibility assured by God’s good governance of the future. (Pg 119)

”This way of hope is the work of ministry. Doing advocacy for good causes is urgent. But more urgent, in my view, is the nurture of venues of obedient imagination in which unuttered possibility is uttered, thoughts beyond our thoughts are thought, and ways beyond our ways are known (Isaiah 55:8-9). In such circumstances, walking by sight is likely a return to the old ways that have failed. Walking by faith is to seek a world other than the one from which we are being swiftly ejected (Hebrews 11:14).” (Pg 128)

We profess belief, hope, love with all our hearts and thankfulness for all. Are we really paying attention to what we pray multiple times a day or is it lip service?