November 14, 2018



Message From Reclaiming Earth Committee

This Wednesday Earth Wisdom first went out on February 15, 2017, but is worth repeating.

As we hear “… the double cry for liberation of the poor and for the earth, an ethics of sustainability, care, and social justice (better known in some circles as Integral Ecology) is urgently needed. Sustainability should be aimed at the survival of Earth and not of the current economic system.

Moreover, a radical change of the current model of production and consumption is urgently needed. Caring for humanity and for the planet requires an inclusive and sustainable economy that will meet the needs and promote the rights of all human beings and living creatures… It protects the ecosystem necessary for subsistence as well as the economic, social, physical and cultural well-being of the poor.”

Just Sustainability: Technology, Ecology and Resource Extraction” (Pg 44)
C.Z. Pepperdine and A.Vincini, Editors

“Throughout much of Chapter Four (Laudato Si’), Francis outlines how various dimensions of human and environmental ecology unite under the common threat of a ‘consumerist vision of human beings, encouraged by the mechanisms of today’s globalized economy.’ (144) This unity may be seen in the similar way that culture and nature are endangered. For just as nature creates diverse species and sub-species, so human beings create a variety of cultures — cultures that express the relationship of a community to its environment through particular forms of art, music, literature, architecture, etc. Such cultures are dynamic and distinct  — as are diverse Ecosystems — and different cultures may even create alternative notions of “quality of life.” (144)

However, just as modern industrial farming often destroys diverse species for the sake of standardization, so, too, a globalized culture often destroys indigenous cultures through the imposition of processes and systems contrary to and often oppressive of those local cultures.”

A Reading of Laudato Si’: Understanding Pope Francis on Our Common Home
John D. Whitney, S.J.

Can you see/feel/ discern the connections that are within creation even when we do not recognize them? Not only the environment but all of life! We are hearing the same facts from multiple resources… Pray, reflect and educate yourself. Then act! To what are we called as inhabitants of this beautiful world and participants in the common good… Positive or negative participants?

Only you can speak for yourself.