September 19, 2018


Message From Reclaiming Earth Committee

Lately, we have been hearing more about the effects of climate change. Possibly because the current actions of our federal government are to alter regulations and policies in place that can and do ultimately have an impact on agriculture, climate and the poor.

Washington State is in a very unique role in that there is an initiative on our November election ballots. If this issue is passed by the voters, it will, hopefully, have a positive impact on various issues dealing with climate change and become a pioneer by being the first in the nation to pass this legislation.

One way to obtain non-partisan information is to access the website for the League of Women Voters at There, you can decide for yourself about the value and feasibility of I-1631.

The important thing is to vote.

Those who live outside Washington State have impact when you vote your values. It cannot be said too often: it is not too soon to prepare and know the what and why of your vote.

Remember, YOU have the power!!