Community is like life itself, say those who should know.

“You’re constantly changing and growing and assessing where you can give and take,” says Sister Sharon Fitzpatrick.

In community, the rich tapestry of religious life is woven strand by strand. 

party hatsLiving in community enables us to support and enrich our personal and communal growth, and to witness gospel values.

Community is like life itself, with never ending opportunities for growth, joy and the development of deep, sisterly love.

Community life is about sharing, about giving of self, about praying and working together, about supporting one another.

About Community

Community has been a good experience. I’ve enjoyed living with other sisters because you learn so much from each other. Much is involved living in community. You’re constantly changing and growing and assessing where you can give and take.

Sister Sharon Fitzpatrick

The hardest transition for me was in the method of making decisions. I had been on my own and raised two kids alone, so I was the decision-maker. I never had to ask anyone when I did things. In community, things don’t work that way.

Sister Judi Roberts

An important part of community is spending time together and sharing. We make it a point to have vespers and have a meal together six times a week. After dinner we watch the news and discuss the events of the day. We always celebrate a feast day, jubilee, birthday or some special event.

Sister Jeanette Heindl