Each year, the Sisters of Providence honor those sisters who have served in their vocations for 25, 50, 60, 70, 75 and sometimes even more years. These stories are rich with sacrifice and reward, and with the talents, labors and passions of these sisters, who have devoted their lives to service.

Photo Galleries

Sr. Rita Bernamini

Rita Bergamini, SP
75 Years

Sr. Irene Charron

Irene Charron
75 Years

Sr. Rita Ferschweiler

Rita Ferschweiler, SP
75 years

Sr. Lucy Villanova

Lucy Villanova, SP
75 Years

Sr. Mary-Clare Boland

Mary Clare Boland, SP
70 Years

Sr. Dolores Ellwart

Dolores Ellwart, SP
70 Years

Sr. Jeannette Parent

Jeannette Parent, SP
70 Years

Alice St. Hilaire

Alice St. Hilaire, SP
70 Years

Sr. Susanne Hartung

Susanne Hartung
60 Years

Sr. Charlene Hudon

Charlene Hudon, SP
60 Years

Sr. Pauline Lemaire

Pauline Lemaire, SP
60 Years

Sr. Patricia Hauser

Patricia Hauser, SP
60 Years

Sr. Therese Multz

Therese Multz, SP
60 Years

Sr. Dona Taylor

Dona Taylor, SP
60 Years

Sr. Kaye Belcher

Kaye Belcher, SP
50 Years

Sr. Julie Macasieb

Julie Macasieb, SP
25 Years