Discerning a Vocation during the Pandemic

Sr. Fabiola

Timing is everything.  So, when Sr. Fabiola Reyes decided to enter the Sisters of Providence just before the pandemic lockdowns began, she could have taken it as a sign that a vocation as a Sister was not for her.

Instead, the second-year novice learned an invaluable lesson about listening to God and coming to terms with your situation.

Sr. Fabiola was first attracted to the Congregation through her role as a special educationteacher.

“I am thankful to be in this community because of the diversity,” she said.  “I can give myself knowing I can be a teacher as well as the many other things I can do.  I just fell in love with the Sisters.”

Instead of being an obstacle, for Sr. Fabiola, the pandemic was an opportunity:

“For young people, the pandemic gave them time to reflect on the meaning of life,” she explains.  “The silence helped me grapple with the loneliness and embrace it.”

Sr. Fabiola had an uncle and a grandparent die from COVID.  It was a lot to deal with in the first few months of study to join the congregation and the isolation imposed by the pandemic.  In a blog post published during the pandemic, she explained more fully:

“For me it was a moment of recollection and empathy for the suffering we are experiencing. After seeing and hearing how Sisters of Providence from all over the world are helping people who are afflicted with COVID-19 to carry this cross, I realized how this fundamental value is being fulfilled from their isolation,” she wrote.

“The Sisters have been invited to give the best of themselves through prayer, perhaps with the pain of not being able to go out into the streets, just as our foundress would have done, because the very act of going out would be putting the other Sisters in her community at risk,” reflected Sr. Fabiola. “The need for personal care became even more important, to respond faithfully with respect and care for the others.”