Sr. Rosa's vows“Here am I Lord; I come to do your will” (Ps40) was the theme I chose for my perpetual profession of vows. Living this theme out each day and trusting in God’s will are fundamental principles of my spiritual journey. Yes, day by day I delight in Him and freely abandon myself into His plan.

Longing to be a religious Sister has been in my dreams since I was in sixth grade. On Feb 10, 2018, I pronounced my perpetual vows to commit my life to serve God and His people as a Sister of Providence. It is a lifetime commitment to be God’s servant. It was a joyful and grace-filled event!

When I reflect back on my life journey to be a Sister of Providence, I feel overwhelmed with many blessings that God has bestowed in my life. I have received more blessings than challenges on my vocational journey. I am grateful for having an opportunity to be grounded in the Providence Charism and Mission at the beginning of my adult life. Very soon, I fell in love with the Sisters of Providence.

Before coming to the Sisters of Providence community, I never thought I would become a member of an international, intergenerational, and intercultural religious community. However, God planted in my heart a seed of grace and openness to learn and adapt to a different life style of living in a religious community. The experience of God’s call nourishes me by prayer, community and mission, which shapes all that I am. I feel as if I was born again because I became a daughter of our foundress Blessed Mother Emilie Gamelin and a Sister of my own Providence Sisters. I am blessed to be a member of the Sisters of Providence.

My perpetual vow celebration will be a significant memory for me. It filled me with joy to see many familiar faces of my own Sisters of Providence who traveled from different places and countries to be with me. It was a very special and tangible way to bond and unite us as Sisters of Providence, which gives me courage and hope for the future. We share a common heritage, a common call, a common life, a common mission and common vows. In living these vows we become Providence for our world. I also joyfully experience the tremendous support from Providence High School staff, faculty and students with whom I serve.

I am grateful for the presence of many friends, guests and my aunt, Sr. Teresa Vu, who has touched my life since I grew up. The Profession Mass deeply touched my heart with great joy. This celebration was not only for me and for the Sisters of Providence, but also for the whole Church. As Pope Frances said “the consecrated life is a precious gift to the Church and to the world. Do not keep it to yourselves; share it, bring Christ to every corner of this beloved country. Let your joy continue to find expression in your efforts to attract and nurture vocations, and recognize that all of you have some part in forming the consecrated men and women of tomorrow.”

Religious life is a special call, God continues to invite me to this life style to manifest Provident God and to serve His people in unity, holiness and love. I continue to say “Here am I Lord; I come to do your will.” With all of that I would like to say Providence of God, I thank you for all.