The life of a Sister of Providence revolves around ministry, community and spirituality.

stained glass with Mother Joseph


As you read stories of the sisters’ ministries, you will find examples of extraordinary gifts of service. Some sisters have served in a few select ministries, while others have participated in the full range of opportunities offered by the Sisters of Providence. In either case, the sisters find their joy in service.

Ministry opportunities include education, health care, parish ministry, community services and support, spiritual direction and retreats, housing, prison ministry, pastoral care and foreign missions.


Life has changed since the days when a new sister routinely entered a convent. But community remains an important part of a sister’s life, providing support alongside opportunities for personal growth.


Her relationship with God lies at the heart of a sister’s experience. Her spirituality suffuses her work and carries her through hard times. For some sisters, the opportunity to deepen her relationship with Jesus is key to her decision to join the community.