Ministry is a hand reaching out to people in need.

Sr Marilyn shares gift

Emilie Gamelin was moved by the love of Christ to serve Montreal’s neglected citizens when she founded the Sisters of Providence in 1843. In gratitude, they called her work “Providence.”

Mother Gamelin’s work was continued by others, including Mother Joseph of the Sacred Heart. In 1856, Mother Joseph traveled to the northwestern United States, founding the region’s first hospital. More than 30 hospitals, schools and homes for orphans, the elderly and the sick followed.

Today’s Sisters of Providence continue to serve society’s most needy individuals. In these pages, you’ll learn more about the ministry of our religious community through the eyes of the sisters.


In her words:

The healing ministry has always been close to my heart because it touches the hearts of the poor, the needy. They say, “Set the captives free.” That’s what I feel I’m doing.
~ Sister Chloe Keitges

 Through my ministry I have met so many wonderful people who, while different in many ways from me, have inspired, stretched, challenged and enriched me. My position has reinforced for me that we are a part of something that has been the source of much good for the people and communities we serve and for whom we advocate. 
~ Sister Karin Dufault