2012 General Chapter

Photos of Mother Joseph Province sisters at the General Chapter in Montreal.

Sr. Karin’s Dufault’s 2012 Cameroon Visit

Marie-Therese Gnamazo, of Cameroon, spent several months in Seattle for a Come and See experience with the Sisters of Providence. Marie-Therese later became a Providence Associate and returned to her native country to live out the mission of Providence while helping people there. Since then she has returned to become a candidate for the religious community. In late December 2012, Sister Karin, congregational leader of the Sisters of Providence, traveled to Cameroon with Sisters Annette Noel and Rejeanne Turcotte.

Sister Karin and Marie-Therese met again on December 29 at the airport in Yaounde where they warmly embraced. “She looks terrific and it was a surprise and a joy to see her,” Sister Karin reported. The travelers were being met by Father Emanuel Mbock Mbock of Afrique Future as well as Sister Jean d’Arc.  Sister Karin and Marie-Therese would catch up together again on January 2, 2013, on the heels of Sr. Karin’s visit with the archbishop of Obala, after  a ceremony to receive new Providence Associates and other congregational business.

Sr. Marita Capili joins the novitiate

Marita Capili entered the novitiate in a simple ceremony on September 11, 2012, in the chapel at Mount St. Joseph, Spokane.  Marita was born in the Philippines and spent her teen years in Guam, where she attended high school and college, earning an associate’s degree in hotel management.  She worked for Hyatt International Hotels at locations around the world, including Seattle, before becoming a candidate for the Sisters of Providence in August 2009.