Providence Companions

Mary Buckley is welcomed as a Providence Companion during a ceremony at St. Finbar chapel in Burbank, Calif.

Similar to a Providence Associate, the congregation has another type of affiliation with women who are former Sisters of Providence. A former Sister of Providence is defined as a woman who entered the congregation in Mother Joseph Province, the former Sacred Heart Province or the former St. Ignatius Province, and who left at any stage.

Many women who were once Sisters of Providence have maintained informal relationships and friendships with members of the congregation since their departure. Others are looking to reestablish relationships after time away.

Cultivating connection

The seed for Providence Companions was planted during a 2006 reunion of Providence Women. Some former sisters explained that they continued to feel a part of Providence after they left the religious community, even teaching their children the community’s prayers. They expressed a desire to develop a closer and more formal relationship with the Sisters of Providence.

In 2009, Mother Joseph Province welcomed its first Providence Companion, and today there are seven. Though small in number, these relationships give each companion a sense of support in her ministries and spiritual life, while the religious community is enriched by her perspectives and prayers.

Become a Companion

For more information, contact:

Sister Karen Hawkins, SP

“Being a member of the Providence family as a Providence Companion enriches my prayer life and my walk with our Provident God.”

Lillian Rouzan, PC