Providence Associates

Providence Associates was formally established as an organization in 1982. Members are compassionate lay people who desire to share the mission and spirituality of Providence. They are drawn by the same spirit and charism as the Sisters of Providence.

Sisters of Providence have worked alongside lay people since the early days of the congregation when they ministered to the suffering people of Montreal with the help of the Society of the Ladies of Charity.

Today, there are more than 1,000 Providence Associates worldwide. They are women and men, single, married, widowed or divorced, who live all over the world and come from various ethnic, educational and faith traditions. Mother Joseph Province has about 225 Providence Associates in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California, Montana, Georgia, Central America and the Philippines.

Role of the Associates

Providence Associates and Sisters of Providence come together in community to enrich each others’ lives and deepen spiritual growth. Associates meet regularly, in person and virtually, for mutual faith sharing, prayer and reflection, workshops, retreats, community gatherings and ministry. They support and challenge one another in living the mission of Jesus Christ.

Ways to serve

  • Providing meals for people in need
  • Working in shelter, hospice and housing centers
  • Volunteering in schools, jails, nursing homes, hospitals, community services, eco-centered organizations and churches
  • Coordinating spiritual retreats
  • Donating food, clothing and gifts to those who are underserved
  • Actively serving in peace and social justice organizations
  • Raising funds to support youth scholarships in developing countries

Providence Associates share their gifts and talents in many ways:

Become an Associate

Many individuals connect with a Sister of Providence or a Providence Associate through work, church, family or ministry. A person interested in partnering with the Sisters of Providence in an associate relationship participates in an orientation that consists of mutual sharing and reflection on the topics of Providence heritage: charism, mission, prayer, ministry, community and discernment. A sponsor accompanies the candidate on this journey.

After a period of evaluation and discernment, the individual formalizes this association with the Providence community by making a commitment that challenges her or him to live out the Providence spirit of prayer, service and hospitality to the poor.

The initial process culminates with a formal covenant ceremony including Providence Associates and Sisters of Providence. Associates continue their covenant commitments by deepening their relationships, building community with each other and with the sisters, and engaging with one another in prayer and ministry.

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Lana Pham, Sr Clare and Tim Pham closeup in front of altar
Lana Pham, PA, and husband Tim with Sister Clare Lentz, SP (center) at a welcoming ceremony in the St. Joseph Residence chapel, Seattle.

For more information, contact:

Kathe Boucha
Executive Director
Providence Associates of Mother Joseph

“The closeness and bonding I feel with the Providence family means so very much to me. We have learned so much from each other, and we keep growing and strengthening our faith.”

Phyllis Silva-Keith, PA