Ministries Above and Beyond

Michael Watkins, PA, became a Providence Associate in September 2022, He and his wife have four children, two of whom are adopted from Haiti.  Like Venance Mmassy in Tanzania Michael lives far away from other Associates and had not met a Sister of Providence until he participated in the orientation sessions via Zoom. 

Michael Watkins

Kathe Boucha says about Michael:  “He is a husband, and father, works full time, and with many certifications and degrees all that qualifying him to serve with compassion and love.  There are very few men (including MDs) who are trained to be a birthing doula and breastfeeding consultant.  As a midwife, I know the temperament and the energy it takes to serve mothers and infants.”

Michael explains more about his ministry: “So many of my patients don’t have supportive folks in their lives. I hope that I am able to fill the gap for them as their families grow,” he says. “As I work to follow in the spirit of the Sisters and PA’s, I give each of my families a couple of meals after they are home from the hospital and because my patients can’t afford additional services I purchase the supplies which I use to support the mothers during delivery.  

“For several years I have coordinated donations and the packing of hygiene kits which we give to patients in need.  Recently I learned that a community partner who had been involved in providing needed items is now unable to continue.”

Nonetheless, his work with the marginalized members of society continues.

“Michael is an example of one who truly lives the ‘Associate Life’ following in the footsteps of Emelie Gamelin and led by Divine Providence,” says Kathe.