Religious Life

Sisters of Providence is an apostolic congregation of women who are called to respond to the contemporary needs of God’s people, especially those who are poor and vulnerable. Our religious life is defined by ministry, community and spirituality.

Challenged in ministry

Sr. Barbara Schamber (center) brings the leadership team, sponsors and Sisters involved over the years with the University of Providence to the stage to help celebrate the 90th anniversary.

A woman of providence is a visible sign of God’s providence as she accepts the challenge to make a difference in the world. True to our founding principles, we put our faith in God and actively pursue a more just and compassionate society.

We share the gifts and talents God has given us through diverse ministries including health care, education, human services, social and ecological justice, parish ministry and pastoral care. We serve those in greatest need in the U.S, Canada, El Salvador, the Philippines, Chile, Haiti and Egypt.

Supported in community

Sr. Rosa Nguyen at Providence High School to celebrate the Feast Day of the foundress of the Sisters of Providence.

Sisters of Providence is an intercultural, international, intergenerational and interdependent community. We live and work together, enriching one another’s lives, strengthening our service to others, and witnessing gospel values.

Life has changed since the days when a new sister entered a convent. But community remains an important part of a sister’s life, providing support alongside opportunities for personal growth. In a spirit of unity, we share, give of ourselves, pray together, work collaboratively and develop deep sisterly love.

Nourished by spirituality

2022 Provincial Chapter

Providence spirituality is all around us and in everything we do: the way we help others, how others touch our hearts, the compassion we feel for one another, and seeing Christ in the people we serve. It ignites our compassion and compels us to draw nearer to God in service to those around us, just as it did for our foundress, Mother Emilie Gamelin.

Our relationship with God lies at the heart of our experience. As Sisters of Providence, we seek a deeper relationship with God, with each other, and with the Earth on which we serve. Prayer, faith-sharing and trust in God’s providence nurture our growth and fuel the flame to fulfill our mission.

“Whatever concerns the poor is always our affair.” 

Mother Joseph of the Sacred Heart