A Christmas message from the Leadership Team

red candles glowing on black background

“Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer.” Romans 12:12

Though there are many verses that speak to what we are going through in the world today, this is one that we have returned to as day after day we have faced extraordinary challenges through much of 2020. A global pandemic, economic crisis, contentious politics, racial justice movements, wildfires and storms have shaken our world.

Yet as we know from history and our Christian faith, the fractures caused by these momentous occurrences also open space for compassion, justice and meaningful change. We discover God among us in times of tribulation, where suffering calls forth a response of love and compassion. We are presented with opportunities to more deeply examine and change how we respond to injustices, so we can move toward peace. All of this is cause for hope!

The Sisters of Providence and all the dedicated laity who continue to collaborate with us in responding and adapting to the times in our ministries and day-to-day lives are the human face and hands of Providence. We especially wish to acknowledge our sisters in retirement at St. Joseph Residence in Seattle and Emilie Court in Spokane who have been in lockdown since March. They continue to contribute as they can, despite the challenges.

We are so grateful to our Provident God and Blessed Emilie Gamelin for protecting our congregation from deaths due to COVID. Many of our friends and benefactors have not been as fortunate and have suffered the loss of a loved one during these months. We offer you our compassionate sympathy and assurance of prayers.

It has been a heavy and trying year in so many ways. Have faith that Providence is present, even in the darkest hours. May hope, patience and prayer be guiding lights for all during this blessed Christmas season and into the new year. The Lord comes again to us as we sing: Glory to God in the highest and peace to all people on earth.

Lovingly in Providence,

Barbara Schamber, SP, provincial leader
Jacqueline Fernandes, SP, provincial councilor
Margarita Hernandez, SP, provincial councilor
Karen Hawkins, SP, provincial councilor
Elinor Alexander, provincial secretary
David Neisius, provincial treasurer