Earth Committee Announces 2023 Laudato Si Goal for Province

This year the Sisters of Providence, Mother Joseph Province Earth Committee has decided to focus on the Ecological Conversion Goal #4, specifically the reduction of the use of plastics.

Goal #4: Adoption of simple lifestyles: reduce us of energy and resources, avoid single-use plastic, adopt a more plant-based diet, reduce meat consumption and increase use of public transportation over polluting alternatives.

According to plastic pollution is one of the most fundamental issues threatening the health of humans, animals, and ecosystems worldwide.  Micro-plastics are found everywhere, from mountaintops to the deepest oceans, even inside our bodies.

Plastic pollution in our oceans is projected to triple by 2040. If the current rate of plastic pollution continues, by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish?

Recycling is a good thing to do but it is only a drop in the bucket. We need to hold companies that make and use plastics packaging accountable for the waste they create.

Think about the above information and think: Analyze how much plastics you use on a daily basis and decide what you can change in your usage. In what ways have I been contributing to the plastics problem? In what ways have I been a success in the reduction of plastics? In what ways can I get companies to rethink their packaging practices?