Earth Committee Offers a Cleansing Idea

The theme for this year’s Earth Day, April 22, is Invest in Our Planet. The Earth Committee thought, “What could we do to invest in our planet and also reduce plastics to celebrate Earth Day 2023?”  

We decided to send all the Sisters some Tru Earth Laundry strips as well as encourage Providence Associates and Companions to purchase them ( Some of the Sisters already use them but we thought we would encourage more people to use them, thus, investing in the planet.

Sr. Liz Cole

You might ask “How does using laundry strips invest in our planet?”  By using ultra-concentrated, pre-measured, plant-based laundry strip to wash your clothes, you are reducing the demand for plastic since the strips come in plastic-free packaging.  No more empty jug of detergent to be thrown in the recycle bin. 

These strips are gentle on fabrics, safe for all washing machines, convenient to use, save space, dissolve quickly in hot or cold water, reduce waste, and are hypoallergenic. You’ll enjoy cleaner clothes, a brighter wash, and a positive impact on the planet. 

Sr. Paula Cosko

You too can make a difference by taking the next step in reducing plastics by using Tru Earth laundry strips!

The Earth Committee