Experience Sisters of Providence Ministries in El Salvador with New Videos

The people of Arcatao, in the mountains of El Salvador, are building a thriving parish community with an impressive catechism program, joy-filled liturgies and a nursing program helping with basic medical needs including transportation to hospitals three hours away.  Sr. Vilma Franco is walking with parishioners, organizing ministries and leading liturgies.

Staying in school while facing economic challenges is a daunting task for many but the Beca (scholarship) program makes a difference in students’ lives.  Srs. Marita Capili and Marcia Gatica manage the program which requires students to maintain good grades, design and complete community service programs and attend formation classes.  The Beca program gives students the confidence to become active in their communities by helping themselves and others.

Members of San Marcos Evangelista Church organize sacramental prep and catechism classes, run a group to help young mothers and celebrate with festivals and other gatherings.  They’d like a pastor for their church but first must have a place for the priest to live – so their building a house, too!  The workers are the winners of the 2023 Mother Joseph Award.  Read their story and watch the video examining their wonderful work.

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