75 Years: Ann Dolores Ybarrola, SP (deceased)

75 Years: Ann Dolores Ybarrola, SP

Given name: Catherine Ybarrola)

My five siblings and I, all born in Sacred Heart Hospital in Havre, Mont., became acquainted with the Sisters of Providence after our mother’s death at the age of 35. I was the second of six children of Mary and Martin Ybarrola. Our father arranged for our care at St. Thomas Home in Great Falls, Mont. Certainly, the edifying and kindly example of the sister-staff during my early years at St. Thomas contributed to my recognizing my vocation to enter the Providence novitiate at Mount St. Vincent in Seattle in 1936.

Through the years, as a member of the community I had valuable opportunities to further my education at such institutions as the College of Great Falls, Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash., Catholic University of America, in Washington, D.C., and Loyola University in Chicago, Ill.

Highlights of my seven and a half decades as a Sister of Providence relate principally to personnel and happenings involved in my education ministries and to travel opportunities that included Alaska, Chile, Hawaii, Japan and Rome.

Ministry assignments create precious memories

The variety of locales for my ministry assignments also created precious memories. I taught at the elementary level and in high schools, my roles included teacher, principal and office manager. I enjoyed the personnel at each of the sites, whether in Colfax, Wash., DeSmet, Idaho, Missoula and Great Falls, Mont., or during my nine years at Maryville Academy in Des Plaines, Ill.

I found it interesting that my classroom for teaching first- and second-grade boarders at St. Thomas Home in 1944-45 was the very same classroom I was assigned to teach first graders at St. Thomas nine years later in 1956, after my assignment in Maryville ended.

Receives Emilie Gamelin award

For 19 years I served at the then-College of Great Falls, in institutional research, the registrar’s office and financial aid. At the termination of my service there I was pleased to receive the Emilie Gamelin Award “for dedicated service to the College of Great Falls in the spirit and example of Mother Emilie Gamelin.” The award was presented at commencement on May 2, 1992.

After my departure from service at the College of Great Falls, I appreciated the opportunity to offer services gratis to a number of students who needed assistance and to other individuals with health issues or other situations that could be improved with a little assistance.

Reflecting on nearing eight decades as a professed daughter of Blessed Emilie Gamelin, I thank our gracious God for the blessings of opportunities to be of service to others and to enjoy the gift of inspiring companions on the journey.

“All that I know about tomorrow is that Providence will rise before the sun.” — Lacordaire