Jubilee 2017

Each year, the Sisters of Providence honor those sisters who have served in their vocations for 25, 50, 60, 70, 75 and sometimes even more years. These stories are rich with sacrifice and reward, and with the talents, labors and passions of these sisters, who have devoted their lives to service.

Photo Galleries

Sr. Germaine Chabot, SP
Germaine Chabot, SP
80 Years
Maryann Boeschler
Maryann Boschler, SP
70 Years
Mary Fox, SP
70 Years
Elizabeth “Liz” Gress, SP
70 Years
Sr. Margaret Botch
Margaret Botch, SP
60 Years
Roberta Rorke, SP
60 Years
Celia Chappell, SP
50 Years
Joan Gallagher, SP
50 Years
Maribeth Carson, SP
25 Years