Light That Gives Hope

A Poem by Salvadoran Beca Student Daniela Serrano

Daniela reads her poem

And that moment comes, when everything changes, when we really must think about our decisions, when life seems as if it were a dark night without the moon and stars, and we must hold on despite the circumstances.

But we have each other, our heavenly Father, and we have principles that have been instilled in us by those who love us.

As night falls, a light of hope appears,
offering us its moral and unconditional support.
When our hopes and dreams disappear, and our energy is depleted, our light of hope tells us that we can do it. You have great potential;
fight for what you want.

Despite our ups and downs, the light remains,
even in the middle of the night, when it seems as if there would be no tomorrow.
But I know that others have made it and are enjoying the view
from their windows as the dawn breaks.
And that is why I know that nothing is impossible
And the light shows me the beautiful pathway to understanding. This is believable.

As we move forward, let our light of hope live on.
May it continue with us until out final days. Our time will come when we can shout victory.
Thank you, light of hope, for showing me your glory.

And with this light of hope, I shall bring my night to an end. I can proudly say that it was all worth it. It was so worth it to wait and feel afraid. But I was never alone along the way, and for this I give thanks.

Daniela Serrano read her poem during a recent Providence Beca (scholarship) program celebration.  Approximately 70 students are participating in the program this year.  Many of them and their families celebrated in a chapel on the island of La Pirraya in the Bay of Jiquilisco, arriving via boat.  The facility is shared with the Sisters of Charity. 

Students and their families were transported to the celebration on high speed boats used in the bay as taxis.

Bishop William Iraheta presided at Mass, followed by a luncheon for students and their families. The students received their first stipend of the new school year at the event.  They must maintain their grades and progress on their selected community service project to remain in the program. 

You can watch a video of Daniela read her poem on our YouTube channel (see link above in menu).