Mother Joseph Province welcomes two candidates

The Sisters of Providence enthusiastically welcomed and embraced two new candidates – Rosa Sen Nguyen and Hong Nga Nguyen – in an entrance service in August in the midst of the Provincial Chapter.

Since the two young women, now in their early 20s, came to the United States from Vietnam in November 2006 for a six-month “Come and See” experience, they have captured the hearts of everyone with their warmth, spirit and deep faith. The sisters welcomed them and pledged to pray with and for them on their spiritual journey.

Rosa and Hong Nga are cousins of Sister AnnMary Vu, who lives in Spokane. Sister AnnMary is a second cousin on Rosa’s father’s side of the family and on Hong Nga’s mother’s side.

The young women met the Sisters of Providence three years ago through correspondence and then discernment.

After the “Come and See,” Rosa and Hong Nga spent a yearlong pre-candidacy sharing a house with sisters in West Seattle as they focused on acculturation to a new language, a new country and a new religious experience.

After spending the month of September with the sisters in Yakima, the two will return to Seattle with their candidate director, Sister Josie Ramac.