Sr. Dorothy Klingele retires in Everett

Sister Dorothy Klingele was recognized for her many years of service to Providence Everett Medical Centers on January 29. This octogenarian has been serving in health care since 1953, most recently as sister representative with offices at both the Colby and Pacific campuses.

In her years there she has been a champion for the midwife program, the community health clinic and the children’s center.

Sister Dorothy was our spiritual leader and a remarkable presence at Providence Everett for nearly 60 years, says CEO Dave Brooks. Sister Dorothy is retiring to St. Joseph Residence, Seattle.

Sr. Dorothy Kengele
Sister Dorothy was recognized for her many years of service at an Amazing Services luncheon for employees.
Sr. Dorothy Kingele
Sister Dorothy unveils the plaque for the new Dorothy Klingele Conference Room in Human Resources
Sister Dorothy with Tim Serban and Ann Gibson
Tim Serban and Ann Gibson share a laugh with Sister Dorothy.