Sr. Judy George – 60th Jubilee

I grew up in Missoula, Montana, the oldest of seven living children, born to Elmer and Leenora George. We were a close-knit, Catholic family, all of us educated in Catholic schools for the most part, through our college days.

Right out of high school I entered the Sisters of Providence which I had become familiar with at St. Patrick Hospital, in St. Francis Xavier grade school and at Sacred Heart Academy, Missoula.

I made my first vows in the chapel of Mount St. Vincent, Seattle. My religious life formation took place in Seattle and Issaquah, with wonderful courses in theology, social sciences, liberal arts and French.

One of my earliest ministries was teaching high school French in Walla Walla, which came about unexpectedly. Though I had some experience with the language, I was surprised to be asked to teach a class — especially one taught with a slate and a book, without using English! But Providence was at work.

The next year I went to Paris to continue my French studies, and eventually received my master’s degree in French. This opened the door to my favorite ministry — teaching college-level French in Great Falls, Mont. One of the greatest gifts of this ministry was learning later about the students who were inspired to become French teachers themselves.

While much of my ministry was devoted to teaching on the elementary, secondary and college levels, it also included formation ministry with new members, serving in leadership, and participating in retreat and spiritual direction ministries. My current ministry is in the religious community library in Spokane.

The last 10 years have been filled with many blessings.  I’ve especially appreciated the opportunity to live in small communities of our Sisters, with new members from various cultures. What a blessing!

Two years ago I moved into Providence Emilie Court Assisted Living, Spokane, where there is a local community of eight Sisters of Providence in the midst of a fantastic group of 50 other residents and wonderful caregivers. This has proved to be a good move for me as my health has declined somewhat, but I can still carry out my ministries in the Mount St. Joseph building attached to Emilie Court.

I am most grateful for my family which has become wonderfully extended throughout these years and has been most supportive of me. I’m grateful as well for my religious family, the mainstay of my life consecrated to God.

I am blessed, too, to have time and space to pray for our world, near and far, to be available to others as needed, to continue learning and growing in new ways, to witness our new members, as well as Providence Associates, carrying on the mission we received 175 years ago from Blessed Emilie Gamelin. God’s fidelity comes through very strongly for me.