Dearest Friends,

A child masked to protect from COVID-19 wades through a flooded road after the storm.

We are writing to you with urgency and a special request for the families served by our mission in El Salvador. We have heard from Sisters Marcia Gatica and Marita Capili in the rural Bajo Lempa region in Usulután, and from Sister Vilma Franco in the mountain town of Arcatao in Chalatenango, that the needs of the communities are greater than ever right now due to the devastating effects of the pandemic and recent tropical storms.

Since 1995, Sisters of Providence have responded to the needs of families in these regions who have endured decades of poverty and violence. The sisters provide food, housing, medication, counseling, educational programs, scholarships, parish ministry and whatever they can to support these faithful and grateful Salvadoran people.

Sister Vilma does the reading for an online Mass.

When COVID-19 arrived in March, the communities were hit hard. Many people lost their jobs and the ability to put food on the table. Working with local police, Sisters Marcia and Marita have been able to responsibly visit some families to deliver food, offer crisis counseling and distribute scholarship checks so students can continue their studies online. Sister Vilma has been using creative methods of reaching out to her parish community, including broadcasting Mass online and on the local radio station.

When tropical storm Amanda swept through El Salvador in June, torrential rains and flooding wiped out communities. The sisters estimate they will need $21,300 for food, construction materials, technology and other basics to support families suffering extraordinary losses through the end of the year.

Sister Marcia (left) and Sister Marita prepare food bags for families under a banner of St. Oscar Romero and Blessed Emilie Gamelin.

We invite you to join us in prayer, trusting that God in his Providence will continue to give to world leaders, scientists and each one of us the wisdom, compassion, conscience and actions to address this urgent need.

We also invite you to consider making a donation today to help us raise the $21,300 needed for our Salvadoran families. We understand the hardships of the current economic situation and ask only that you give if and what you can. If you are able to help, please donate online using the link on this page or mail a check to the address listed in the sidebar.

Blessings in Providence,

Sister Barbara Schamber, SP
Provincial Leader, Mother Joseph Province