Please consider a gift to put food on the table for our neighbors in need

Dearest Friends,

At this time when everything feels uncertain, it is more important than ever to pause and recall our blessings. When we reflect with gratitude on the gifts from our Provident God, we can begin to shift the spirit of our journey through uncertainty, recognize our abundances and see opportunities to help others.

As we have responded to many increased needs during the past few months, the Sisters of Providence have been particularly struck by the increased demand for the most basic of needs: food. With the COVID-related economic downturn, many food pantries have closed or are unable to feed all who are hungry. The need for food assistance has risen significantly in the U.S. during the pandemic. Children are at especially high risk without public school meal support and other community resources.

bronze statue of Mother Emilie Gamelin holding out loaf of bread
The iconic statue of Blessed Emilie Gamelin offering a loaf of bread.

Feeding the hungry is a work of mercy and an ongoing ministry of the Sisters of Providence, beginning with Blessed Emilie Gamelin. Even before she founded the congregation, Emilie Tavernier would open her dining room for food and fellowship with her neighbors who did not have enough to eat. She called it The Table of the King.

Many of our sisters serve in hunger relief ministries – preparing meals for people living on the streets, hosting food drives and assisting with food distribution. We see people who have been suffering from long-term food scarcity and people never expecting to be left hungry by a pandemic trying to put food on the table for their families.

Sharing food with another is an act of love. In the spirit of Blessed Emilie Gamelin, we invite you to consider a financial donation to nourish your neighbors in need. Monetary donations give hunger relief organizations the flexibility to fill the gaps when food donations are unable to keep up with demand or to expand distribution efforts to serve more people.

If you can help, please donate using the button on this page, or mail a check to Sisters of Providence, Development Office, 1801 Lind Ave SW, M1-C, Renton, WA 98057. All donations (unless otherwise specified) made between now and January 31, 2021, will be designated for hunger relief through the Emilie Gamelin Mission Fund. If this is a hardship, please join us in praying with compassion for all who are suffering during these uncertain times and with gratitude for those gifts we have received.

Blessings in Providence,
Barbara Schamber, SP
Provincial Leader, Mother Joseph Province