New Vocation Companion Committee

Top row: Marie-Thérèse Gnamazo, SP; Margarita Hernandez, SP; and Annette Seubert, SP. Bottom row: Rosa Nguyen, SP; Gabrielle Nguyen, SP; and Vilma Franco, SP.

By Margarita Hernandez, SP

I would like to introduce you our Vocation Companion Committee. The purpose of this committee is to journey with women discerning their vocations.

A “Sister Companion on the Journey” (SCJ) during initial contact and vocation discernment is a person who will assist in building a relationship with a discerner. After the discerner meets with the Vocation Director a few times, the SCJ continues to journey with the discerner and usually remains with her until either discernment is ended or she enters our congregation as a “Come and See” for two or six months.

The discerner will also have a Spiritual Director while the Vocation Director takes her through the discernment and entrance process. The SCJ is encouraged to share with the discerner general information about the Initial Formation process. If the SCJ has questions or if the discerner has questions the SCJ cannot answer, the SCJ can consult with the Vocation Director, who is available to offer resources and assistance.

Thank you to our Vocation Companion Committee members Marie-Thérèse Gnamazo, Rosa Nguyen, Gabrielle Nguyen, Annette Seubert and Vilma Franco, for your wiliness to serve.