A reflection on call to vocation

Sister Marie-Thérèse Gnamazo making first vows as a Sister of Providence in 2019.

By Marie-Thérèse Gnamazo, SP

Today, as in the days of the apostles, the call of God continues to be heard. If the Lord continues to call men and women to his service, it is clear that a pandemic cannot slow down or divert vocations.

As we all know, a religious vocation is an exchange of love, a sharing of love with God himself. This God who calls and sends is the only initiator of election and mission. Also, we must not forget that religious vocations are a hope for the future of the Church.

For me, the beauty of my consecrated life is to have met witnesses of the living Christ, and then to have met Christ himself in the poor I’m serving and to let myself be loved by him. I am really happy to live my consecrated life in the family of the Sisters of Providence, where we live our international life an where each of us is very different. For me, the greatest joy is to see other vocations being born—that is, a vocation that generates other vocations. We must look at the past of our community with gratitude through the life and mission of our older sisters who allow us to live the present with passion in order to embrace the future with confidence and hope.

We are entering the third millennium, where everything is changing globally and nothing will ever be the same again. The question and challenge is how can we use newer modes of communication to attract young women to our congregation?

We know our beautiful testimonies will be able to edify many young women in search of following Christ and becoming his witnesses in search of the presence of God. I really see that our congregation will always be productive of vocations and let us continue to pray that the Lord will send us more workers in his Vineyard.

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