Jubilee 2012

Celebrating the lives and works of the Sisters of Providence.

2012 Jubilarians
Jubilarians and their years of service, pictured from left are (front row) Sisters Cecile Roux (60), Germaine Chabot (75) and Naomi Hurd (70), and (back row) AnnMary Vu (50), Barbara Schamber (50), Mary Alice Miller (50), Rosalie Locati (50), Dorothy Klingele (60) and Fidela Adriano (50). Not pictured are Sisters Claire Bouffard (60), Ann Dolores Ybarrola (75), and Mary Leona Miller (70), who died July 31.

Each year, the Sisters of Providence honor those sisters who have served in their vocations for 25, 50, 60, 70 and 75 years.

These stories are rich with sacrifice and reward, and with the talents, labors and passions of these sisters, who have devoted their lives to service.