New Galerie Trinitas showcases the life and art of Sister Mary Trinitas

Sister Mary Trinitas Morin (1908-1965) is a familiar name at the University of Providence in Great Falls, Mont. She left her mark as an artist and a teacher of art for nearly 33 years at what was then known as the College of Great Falls. On Sept. 23, 2019, the university opened Galerie Trinitas, part of the school’s new University Center building, to honor the life and art of Sister Mary Trinitas.

Sister Mary Hawkins stands in front of stations of the cross artwork on a wall
Sister Mary Hawkins stands in Galerie Trinitas near artwork she helped create during a summer course taught by Sister Mary Trinitas in 1963. She remembers Sister Mary Trinitas as an art teacher who looked for artistic potential and encouraged it. Sister Mary Hawkins painted the fourth station of the cross, “Jesus Meets His Mother” (above her right shoulder).

Born Rosalba Marie Morin, she took her vows as a Sister of Providence in 1929, receiving the religious name Sister Mary Trinitas. She went on to study art, create art and teach art. Sister Mary Trinitas exemplified the early 20th-century artistic spirit of exploration and discovery using various media and repurposed materials.

Sister Mary Trinitas legacy is found in the students she inspired and in the vast amount of art she produced in her pursuit of creative expression, education, collaboration and spirituality. Galerie Trinitas beautifully captures this legacy in a collection of paintings, ceramics, stained glass, textiles, metal works and tribute pieces punctuated by narratives and photos of her life and creative processes.

For more information about Galerie Trinitas, visit uprovidence. edu/about/galerie-trinitas.