Sisters of Providence share what they look forward to when pandemic restrictions ease

The blessings I am looking forward to as the COVID restrictions lessen are the opportunity to join with others at daily Mass in person, to visit with the sisters at Emilie Court and other sisters and friends, to see people returning to work and the opening of businesses. -Annette Seubert, SP

I look forward to being in person with our local community, having dinner with family and friends, and attending Sunday Mass at the Cathedral with my faith community. Also, I can’t wait to be side-by-side with my co-workers and my own team. One of the first priorities is to reestablish our meal services to the homeless, in-person, which we do monthly with six different agencies. It has been difficult not having the opportunity to give service to others. We are all ready to begin. -Susanne Hartung, SP

What I am looking forward to the most after this whole thing is over is the ability to go to St. Joseph Residence and celebrate Eucharist with the sisters. Of course, it will be very nice to be able to go to Huckleberry Restaurant again for their Saturday night prime rib special! -Virginia Miller, SP

When the restrictions are lifted, I look forward to being together physically, being able to give a hug, and eating in our dining room together here at Emilie Court. Meeting in Zoom is fine, but I want to be in one large room for meetings, which allows for better conversations. We have important matters to discuss. -Ida Mae Marceau, SP

I look forward to having a real, face-to-face conversation with a family member, community member or special friend.  Sr. Mary Kaye

When COVID-19 restrictions ease, I will right away plunge into the mission and propagate to the needy the newly formed Ministry for Pastoral Care of Migrants and Itinerant People of the Archdiocese of Lingayen (Philippines). -Lucy M. Vasquez, SP

I look forward to getting back into the office on a regular basis, not wearing a mask all the time, going back to Mass and hugging again. -Jessica Taylor, SP

It has surely been a different year being isolated from many things I find that I have taken for granted, like attending Mass and birding and butterflying with my friends. Although I have attended virtual Mass daily, I am anxious to get back to in-person services where I can not only receive the sacrament but also see my friends. -Sue Orlowski, SP

I am looking forward to going to Mass with the Vietnamese community, inviting friends to our house for food and a big celebration, as well as having ice cream with our sisters at SJR! -Hong Nga Nguyen, SP

What I miss most and am looking forward to is to be able to walk about our neighborhood in fresh air and enjoy seeing different plants, flowers and scenery; and going to visit with friends and relatives. -Pauline Lemaire, SP

I most want to hug the sisters, have a haircut, visit the sisters at SJR and visit my elderly parents. -Rosa Nguyen, SP

What I am most looking forward to being able to do after COVID-19: visiting our sisters at St. Joseph Residence; going to thrift stores and being able to try on clothes; having lunch with friends without social distancing; taking a road trip in Washington and Oregon and being able to stay overnight with friends. -Beatrice LaFramboise, SP

I am looking forward to celebrating family and friends’ birthdays and major holidays face-to-face with hugs and kisses. I look forward to seeing our grandnieces and nephew, who have changed so much during this long period of time when they had to remain in their bubble. I particularly look forward to seeing my older sister, who lives across the border in Canada. I look forward to ministries where we can offer a reassuring touch. I look forward to the reality that travel between our Motherhouse and any part of the world will again be possible. -Katherine Smith, SP 

What I most look forward to doing when COVID-19 restrictions ease, is to visit our sisters at SJR. I want to see and be with them face-to-face in my full humanity! Separation has been difficult. I pray daily for them, that they will stay healthy and at peace knowing they are much loved and appreciated. -Mary Wilson, SP

I am most hoping that with restrictions easing the people all around the world will engage in sharing and listening to each other so that understanding of diverse viewpoints will happen. I’m especially praying for the people of the United States. We are so divided, and we need each other. May God send His Holy Spirit of peace and hope to bless each one of us! -DLC, SP