Thank You for Making a Difference

Your donation to the Emilie Gamelin Mission Fund supports the ministries of Sisters of Providence in Alaska, Washington, Montana, California, El Salvador and the Philippines. In addition, the fund supports non-profit organizations in those regions and elsewhere that advance the cause of women and children, justice, charity and advocacy. Here are just a few of the many works of charity your donation helps support:

The Kids’ Community Dental Clinic in Burbank, California, is dedicated to improving the oral health of children from low-income families with quality procedures, preventative treatments and oral health education.
Mary’s Pence funds women’s organizations in the U.S. that are working with their local communities to create long-term systemic change. The organizations are all small, with budgets under $200,000. Yet they collaborate with diverse populations, advocate to change unjust policies and educate to build skills and increase capacity.
Meals on Wheels supports seniors to extend their independence and health as they age. What started as a compassionate idea has grown into one of the largest and most effective social movements in America, currently helping nearly 2.4 million seniors annually in virtually every community in the country.
House of Charity (Spokane) serves the most vulnerable members of the community, those who are on the streets running from mental illness and childhood trauma. They are running from it so fast that they have eluded each institution that has tried to help them – their families, their schools, the mental health system and every other shelter in town.
St. Thomas Child and Family Center (Great Falls, Montana) provides early childhood education, nurturing care and family support that help children thrive and build a quality future. The child care center is a beautiful modern facility designed specifically to meet the needs of growing children.