Some Seed Fell on Good Ground

University of Providence Celebrates 90 Years of Catholic Education

The University of Providence, formerly the College of Great Falls, began in 1932 at the invitation of the local bishop as a women’s college under the direction of the Diocese of Great Falls. It soon expanded to other academic ministries.

“Today the university continues to honor the [Sisters of Providence’s] aspirational vision by providing an enriched education that goes beyond schooling. Mission-driven and guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ, students are supported in their pursuit of academic excellence and provided an innovative and emboldened environment for personal development,” says the university’s website.

90th Anniversary
Fr. Oliver Doyle, president of the university, shares the history of the school beginning during the Great Depression and following a cholera epidemic in the city of Great Falls. He cites Some Seed Fell on Good Ground, a book by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, describing how Bishop George J. Finnigan of Helena asked Mother Gaudentia and Sr. Lucia Sullivan of the Sisters along with the Ursuline Sisters, to found the university.
Sr. Barbara Schamber (center) brings the leadership team, sponsors and Sisters involved over the years with the university to the stage to help celebrate the 90th anniversary.
Bishop Michael Warfel blesses a reliquary containing a relic of Blessed Mother Emilie Gamelin, which will be housed in the Trinitas Chapel at the university. Sr. Rosa Nguyen portrays Mother Gamelin in a period habit.