Leaving a Legacy: Sr. Rosalie Locati Retires

This week Sr Rosalie Locati, SP, retires after 22 years of service to Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and our INWA region.  Sr Rosalie will celebrate her 60th Jubilee later this month and her 80th birthday this next February.  We are all so lucky to have had her joy-filled presence here with us, modeling a life spent in service to others.  

The legacy she leaves in Spokane is remarkable.  Every department received her attention or prayers over the years.   She uses her voice to advocate unceasingly for those on the margins, making sure we are living out our mission commitments to be steadfast in caring for all but with particular attention paid to the poor and vulnerable.  She will continue to sit on a couple of Providence boards, providing a tangible reminder of our commitments and roots, faithful to Provident God.

As Sr Rosalie often tells us, “Today is my favorite day”. The sign pictured above hangs in the newly named conference room in the INWA Providence Foundation offices on the SHMC campus.  She reminds us each day is a gift from God, to be used as divine Providence guides us.  She is ready for what comes, secure in the knowledge that she continues to serve through her prayers, holding all of our wellbeing in her heart. 

As we contemplate our local ministries without an active Sister of Providence in our midst, we look to each and every caregiver who holds the mission and our values in their hearts and hands, living out our commitment to be God’s healing love to one another.  For this responsibility was never Sr Rosalie’s alone, but a promise we all make to know, care about, and ease the way of others.  It is up to all of us to listen and be faithful to God’s call to help others become whole and healed through our compassionate service.  As we say goodbye this week, let us offer her this special prayer and blessing.  

Provident God, we ask your blessing in a special way as we send Sr Rosalie forth into retirement, secure in the knowledge that we are forever changed by her compassionate presence.  May we honor her service by our own, committing ourselves to being God’s healing love to others.  As she leaves active ministry we wish her life abundant, knowing she continues to listen to Your call and share Your abundant love to this world.  Amen.

Written by Kellie Durgan, Chief Mission Officer Ministry, PSJH. Thank you!