Caritas Newsletters 2016

Winter 2016

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~ Christmas Message 2016
~ 2016: A year of milestones: Sisters celebrate beatification, opening of SJR and 160 years in the West
~ Sister Judy George transitions from role as Vocation Office manager; gives keys to Sister Liz Cole
~ Vocations: An invitation to Get To Know Us
~ Vocation ad
~ Ministry in Walla Walla: Sister Margarita Hernandez brings faith formation to Hispanic children and parents
~ JWC benefit breakfast: A story from Sojourner Place captures the program’s value (Sr. Jessica Taylor)
~ Mission Message: Grace through Transitions (Becky Nappi)
~ Empower Your Neighbor: Daughter of Mary’s passion leads SU students to create project in Uganda
~ A new face at SJR: Paskazia Nakitende, DM
~ Obituaries: Georgette Bayless, SP, Dorothy Klingele, SP
~ Please Remember in Prayer
~ Yearend appeal
~ Briefs

  • Welcome to 8 new Providence Associates (Walla Walla, Anchorage, Portland/Vancouver)
  • Sister Beverly Dunn goes to Guatemala with PHI
  • New president installed at University of Great Falls
  • Refugee Women’s Alliance (ReWA) annual gala
  • Building Bridges – Not Walls: School of the Americas Watch vigil and border convergence
  • New novice in Edmonton – Sister Mary Truong

Fall 2016

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~ More than an education: El Salvador scholarship program creates active, engaged citizens
~ Becoming a missionary: Mission trip in Guatemala leads Sister Vilma Franco back to El Salvador
~ Vocation ad
~ Provincial Chapter (photo spread)
~ Perpetual vows: Vietnamese Martyrs Church hosts vow ceremony for Sister Hong Nga Nguyen
~ The gift of a birth at Sojourner Place
~ 2016 Jubilee (photo spread on vespers, banquet, Mass and reception)
~ Leaving the novitiate: Sister Liz Gress moves, taking 20 years of memories made with new sisters Moments of Grace; Learing to companion with community members with dementia (SJR transition from Sr. Kaye Belcher to Sr. Pat Eley)
~ Volunteer prison chaplain shares story of her mission in Tacoma (Emeralda Santos)
~ Obituaries: Veryl Snowhill, PC; J.L. “Rusty” Mulcahy, PA; Mary Lou Hennessey, PA; Lois (Vodicka) Hagen, PA
~ Please Pray For
~ Briefs

  • King County Council member discusses “Women as Political Change Agents” (Jean Kohl-Welles)
  • Celebrating 130 years: Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center is marking a milestone
  • Sr. Rosa Sen Nguyen attends first graduation at Providence High School
  • Providence Companion reception in Southern California (Lillian Rouzan)
  • Pro Associates PAV (pilgrimage photo of Sr. Jean Schultz and Char Diss, PA
  • Providence Associate is chosen for national science and math teaching academy (Brenda Velasco, PA)

Summer 2016

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~ Kindness and compassion earn the 2016 Mother Joseph Award (Maureen Morris and Becca Hawkins)
~ 2016 Jubilarians – Fifteen Sisters of Providence mark 25 to 80 years of religious life
~ Mother Joseph Province accepts seventh Providence Companion (Lillian Adams Rouzan, PA)
~ Vocation ad
~ Diversity and religious life presentation draws 134 sisters and a bishop (Sr. Mary Johnson, SNDdeN)
~ Obituaries: Dorothy Zimny, SP, Shirley Smith, SP
~ Please Pray For
~ Briefs

  • Islam 101: Perceptions, Misconceptions and Context for the 21st Century (SJR)
  • Sr. Rosa Sen Nguyen becomes a U.S. citizen
  • Another honor for Cheryl Sesnon, JWC executive director (Golden Tennis Shoe award)
  • Dedication of Mother Joseph Farm
  • Sr. Kathryn “Kitsy” Rutan is honored at UGF graduation
  • Jack Mudd receives Mother Joseph statue

Spring 2016

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~ Where have all the Sisters gone? A reflection from Sister Rosalie Locati on her ministry transition
~ Honoring Each Woman’s Transition at Jubilee (closing ceremony)
~ Vocation ad
~ Jubilee Executive Director Recognized for Community Service (Cheryl Sesnon)
~ Giving Tuesday gives early start to Year of Mercy at SJR
~ Laudato Si: Sisters’ study group considers actions to fight climate change
~ Thank you to donors and benefactors (honor and memorial gifts)
~ Sr. Lucille Dean embraces srole as UGF interim president
~ Emilie Gamelin Mission Fund/Leadership Team Donations 2015
~ Obituaries: Srs. Mary Ann Meyer, Joan O’Brien, Naomi Hurd, Julie Ziocchi
~ Please Remember in Prayer
~ Recent grad Sister Margarita Hernandez reflects on her journey in Providence (U.S. citizenship)
~ Sister Suzette Bautista takes the oath as a U.S. citizen
~ Briefs

  • A new face at SJR: Sister Dominga Park, OSB
  • Father-Doctor Stan Malnar, PA, retires
  • Sister Maureen Newman joins Formation Team
  • Sister Dorothy Zimny celebrates 99 years in gathering at SJR
  • Sister Susanne Hartung is guest of honor at Providence Academy reception
  • Guatemala retreat and PHI program deeply touch Sr. Vilma Franco
  • Sr. Jo Ann Showalter takes LCWR leadership position
  • Sr. Annette Seubert retires from chaplaincy at Providence Holy Family Hospital, Spokane
  • Sister Joyce Green’s gifts as an emcee are legendary
  • Jubilee Year of Mercy (December 8, 2015, to November 20, 2016) – Sister Beverly Dunn
  • Blessed Emilie Gamelin birthday celebration in Spokane (Sr. Pam White)